new recording

Spring has very definitely sprung, and green shoots (ie the real ones, rather than politicans’ wishful thinking) are all around us. It’s a time for things to grow themselves into being, so it’s entirely appropriate that i’m in the middle of a new recording project.

Of course, the ‘Spring’ analogy is a bit spurious, as myself and Maggie Nicols (my current collaborator)  started work on this last year, so it’s quite well advanced, but somehow the new growth thing seems to fit it, at this stage (and, after all, Spring doesn’t just happen – it’s all there under the ground beforehand) . Whenever i do a recording project, there’s a point where it all seems so overwhelmingly huge that i’ll never make sense of it, and that’s pretty much where we are at now, as there’s 20Gb of files on my hard drive. However, i’ve been here before, and it’s always worked out, so i’ve every confidence that this one will be no different. Plus, and this is the most important bit really, there are several moments in the raw files that make you go “Wow!”. Which is why we all got into music in the first place, i think – and it’s great to still be getting those moments 35 years later.
There’s a lot of work still to be done on this CD, but there should be something good to announce by the end of the year…

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