Happy New Year!!

Hello! and welcome to 2010!

A bit excitable perhaps, but there’s a lot of stuff to look forward to for the forthcoming year, so i though i’d update you a touch:

Firstly, the album i’ve been working on with Maggie Nicols is now Done, and sometime this year it’ll be Out and done. Not sure on what label yet (ie probably not whi music), but it will be there for you. Promise it’ll be worth the wait – we’ve been working on this for 15 months.

Whi 011 is now all teed up and ready to go as well: that’s a duo CD with guitarist Richard Harding that is the pick of the stuff we’ve done over the last year. I play soprano sax and flute with Richard, as he plays mostly classical guitar, and the soprano seems to work best with it, somehow. That particular release is so imminent, it’s not true.

Less imminent are: ‘the Frank Sinatra Joke’, which is a collaboration with poet Dinesh Allirajah and Rob Dainton from 2002 that kind of got overlooked and shouldn’t have, that i’ll be brushing up and repackaging for public consumption, and also i’ve done some pretty fab trio recordings with Simon Fell and Rob Dainton. The sharp-eyed among you will have spotted that that is a reunion of amere3, after an interval of eight years. I think they’ll be worth the wait as well, though there’ll be a suitable interval of track selection, mastering, packaging etc before that one comes out.

Hope you enjoy them!!

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