Some recordings are documents of particular gigs or moments – often the line-up is drawn together for a gig or two, someone might only be in the country for a short time, whatever. Whi 011, Graculus (name of the band and the CD, so its eponymous. Great word.) isn’t like that: me and Richard Harding have been playing together pretty much weekly for two years now. Which means that the release is basically the pick of just over a year’s worth of recordings, itemised compiled and mastered (though not edited: they’re all full-length as played).

As such, there’s a variety of different acoustics, varying from the dry home recorded ones to the Great Hall at Hope, which is cavernous, to say the least, and Richard plays electric guitar on some tracks (he’s normally a classical guitarist). The common thread through all this is our respective approaches to our instruments and our shared history, and in the event that proves stronger than the variations, in my opinion, so the package achieves cohesion where none might have been found. It’s an interesting sound that doesn’t pigeon-hole easily, sitting as it does on the fault-line between classical chamber music and jazz-based improv.

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