the Infinite Monkey Orchestra

I’ve been curating the Liverpool Gathering for roughly 18 months now, and i have to tell you – it’s a blast. Once a month we throw open a room the Bluecoat Arts Centre, and whoever turns up makes music for two hours. Every time is different, each one is rewarding; it’s either a testament to the Liverpool scene, or the methodology (or maybe a bit of both), but it’s an unfailingly engaging experience.

Last year Simon Fell was in the city to do some work, and we dragged him along to the Bluecoat for a gig with the Gathering’s finest; when we perform, we’re the Infinite Monkey Orchestra. We had a session the night before, just to get used to the combination, but it’s an unedited, undirected 50 minute improvisation by a nine-piece band:

Rob Dainton – drums
Simon H Fell – bass
Ricardo Fernandez – piano
Richard Harding – guitar
Steve Hood – guitar
Steve Boyland – voice
Phil Lucking – trumpet
Phil Hargreaves – soprano sax
Ian Simpson – electronics

Available (for free!) for you entire delectation at

If you want my personal opinion (and it’s my blog, so you’re getting it, sorry), it’s a fine example of how improvisation lets you build something that’s so much bigger than the sum of its parts. You can hear the whole ensemble navigating its way along, working from dense and powerful to small intimate spaces. Hope you like it…

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