Winter Fingers

I’m not coping well with Winter these days. January and February finds me brutally depressed, which is kind of the reverse of how things used to be – Winter used to be my favourite season. But the worst part is Winter Fingers. Not cold or chilblains, Winter Fingers just don’t respond properly to the signals i send down my arms. Sluggish, recalcitrant, they’ve got a mind of their own, and it’s not a co-operative mind at all. Of course, this does nothing to lift my mood.

But here we are, it’s the middle of March. In a few days it’ll be the equinox, so there’s more light, and it’s more intense. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the Winter Fingers had gone (hoorah! Lashings of ginger beer all round!). So – ten interesting months of playing to come. Next year, i’ll try one of those light boxes…

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