And still they keep coming…

Firstly, apologies, as i seem to have neglected at least some of my online duties in 2011. I got an android tablet recently, and when i pulled up the whi music site as a test i was horrified to see it hadn’t been updated for a year. Now rectified! It’s also a while since i did this, but here i am.

One thing that keeps on coming is years – happy 2012, tho i’m expecting it’ll be more interesting than happy. But we shall see, i guess. The other thing that keeps on coming is CD’s – i’ve got a new one out. ‘Small Things’ by Graculus is an album of 34 miniatures, all improvised, which took most of 2011 to put together. We’ve taken the plunge and done a silver disk (ie it’s not a CDr), and now you can buy it direct on the site, should the fancy take you.

There’ll be a couple more CD’s this year too – i’m currently working on a CD with vocalist Steve Boyland (see my YouTube channel at for a tasty preview), and i’m hoping that 2012 will be the year that my unreleased CD with Maggie Nicols will stop being unreleased. Look out also for an amere3 CD on Bruce’s Fingers.

Lots of stuff in duos this year – i’m also working with DJ/artist Si Mack as D-fekt, and even doing some African-influenced pop with Kevin Paton (Mojo Storm). All of which, hopefully, gives you some idea of why i didn’t get round to doing the blog for 9 months (sorry! sorry!!). So – onwards…

Oh, and if you’re reading these sequentially, the lightbox seems to be working so far.

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