There’s stuff happening all over!

I’ve very little idea if anyone reads this blog, and certainly 99% of the ‘subscriptions’ i get are spammers (fortunately, my providers filter out the robots, so there isn’t piles of offensive ads in the comments). But, if it’s there, it ought to be looked after, so i’ve decided to post more often here.

But actually, part of why i haven’t posted as often as i could is that there’s Stuff All Over. Last year was quite busy, and suddenly 2012 is getting even busier. Currently i’m organising two big band gigs, sorting out pressing details for two CD’s, lining up editing/recording for three more, and even playing a gig or two between times (my left foot was cracking walnuts – after all, i gotta eat).

Assuming you don’t live much near me (and, as i overstand it, a lot of people don’t…), this may not bother you too much, other than the observation that Liverpool is starting to look like a bit of a centre for improvised music. Watch out for articles about the ‘Liverpool Scene Mk 2’!!

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