Spring comes, and everything wakes up. I know this is all very 21st Century, it’s a blog and it’s all in the cloud and stuff (i used to read a comic called Century 21 when i was a kid. And now i’m here, things aren’t so very different, frankly. I digress…) but i have an allotment, and as such i’m more aware than most of the changing of the seasons, of the year turning around, which even in this digital age we can’t escape. In fact, you could argue that global warming puts us firmly in the clutches of natural processes: however – spring.

Keen readers of this blog, if such creatures exist, will have read about my breakdown and subsequent struggle with Depression. When it first happened i lost the ability to process music at all, for roughly four months. After that, i restarted my relationship with the entire artform by listening to ‘Goodbye to Love’ by the Carpenters, which was the first single i ever owned. Last Saturday, a mere 9 years later, the wheel came round again: just before the Fall Over the Cliff, i did a large-scale gig with Maggie Nicols. And last week, here i was again, doing a large-scale gig with Maggie again. I’ve completed my journey of re-treading my musical life, and anything more is purely new: it’s all mine, from hereon in.

By the way, if anyone reading this is contemplating doing a large-scale gig with Maggie, i’d thoroughly advise you to try it. This one was exceptionally good, even by her standards: we involved the dancers/performers from the Liverpool Improvisation Company, and frankly – we rocked the house. Was it improvised music, was it performance art? Who knows or cares. The important thing was that we created a minimal structure and created something vital, beautiful, funny, engaging and powerful out of the very air we were breathing.

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