‘Human’, as i hope you’ve noticed elsewhere on the site, is the CD i’ve done with Maggie Nicols. What with one thing and another (and another. And another), it’s taken two years from completion to release. There’s a curious mathematics at work here, in that the nearer completion it got, the smaller the decisions became, and the harder they got to make. At the start we were happily throwing around large chunks of audio, mapping out the thing as a whole with abandon. Now we’re agonising over single words on the sleeve.

I’m guessing that part of that process is that at the beginning, no-one really knew we were doing it, so if we decided it wasn’t up to snuff and abandoned the whole thing, well tant pis. At this stage, we’re slightly intimidated by what we’ve achieved. It’s an amazing CD, and we’ve got an obligation to it, to give it it’s best chance in life, our little baby. Even as late as this weekend i was unwisely revisiting some drum loops that i felt could be polished a little more.

Well, later this month we’ll have to commit. The baby grows up and leaves home (just like our real children, come to think).

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