I’ve just posted two collaborations on the website with other artists, over and above my regular works (an awful lot of my work seems to be in duos, i’ve noticed. I must be a coupley kind of guy). First up is David Rovics, whose work you can find at He’s a folk singer, and the Peacemakers (my English Folk/World Music crossover Big Band. And not a duo) did a gig with him last year. I was rather taken with this rush of anger, but every time i replayed it in my head, the music to it was somewhat different to Mr Rovics’ original. This plagued me for weeks until it seemed i had no choice but to tackle it. The original recording had bass & djembe on it, as well as the obvious voice and guitar, but i did the best i could with that until it was ready to be passed to the unsuspecting songwriter. Fortunately he wasn’t completely outraged at this vandalism of his work, and arranged for me to get the vocal stem off the record, with only minimal guitar leakage, and i was able to finish it off, along with Si Mack, my partner in [d]-fekt, our beats & sax driven DJ project. Find this at

Second item for your consideration is a somewhat different proposition, from local poet & musician Tom George. Tom was involved in the Friday daytime session of the If Only festival at the Bluecoat Arts Centre in April. Part of the If Only vibe is about collaborations across and between artforms, and Tom asked Graculus if we could put something suitable with a poem about butterflies. This went very nicely, so we were only too pleased to recreate it for him:

As i write this, the blackbirds that live behind our house are ushering a nestfull of fledglings carefully around the walls, still too young to fly the nest completely, but nearly ready to face the wider world. Just as these recordings are doing…

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